What kind of training equipment does the swimgeek currently own and use? Since I love gadgets this is one of the great perks with training so much. So much stuff to buy and fiddle around with :) I’ll list some of the stuff I use for practice and competition here.

For all my statistics and follow up I use the Polar RCX 5 right now. With GPS, Cadence-sensor and heart rate monitor. It’s great and I use it for everything but swimming in the pool. It can be used in the water but the strap for the heart rate monitor tends to slip down your body when you are not in a wetsuit:

RCX5 and accessories
This is my Polar RCX5 with accessories

Swimming isn’t a materialistic sport… or at least it wasn’t until the high tech suits started to show up… and were banned. There are still some stuff that is helpful to have when you practice… and also makes practice more fun and less monotonous like paddles, fins and a kick board. For swimwear I personally like Speedo as a brand but Arena is probably just as good. In open water races here in the north I use a 2XU V:2 wetsuit. It’s important to find a wetsuit that is made for swimming. The ones for diving is useless for swimming. They just hinder movement to much.

Silicone fins, speedo paddles Large and of course Malmsten googles.

Now to the most materialistic sport of the ones I’m involved in. Cycling! If you want you can spend a great deal of money on the bike it self and all the options that are out there today. I bought my bike just a couple of months ago and paid even more on a saddle, shorter stem and cheaper wheels for practice. I’m also on the lookout for a zero offset saddle post that fits my bike. I need it to get into the most optimal position when I use my Deda Parabolica aerobars.

For winter training I use an Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel trainer.

Boardman Road Air 9.8
My 2013 Boardman Road Air 9.8 Elite

I also have a pair of nice wheels for competiton:

Zipp 404 Firecrest
Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubulars

Running wise I haven’t bought more than some clothes and a pair of shoes. I currently use a pair of Brooks Ghost 5.s but they will have to be replaced soon. They have seen better days :)

I also use compression clothing from 2XU when running or doing triathlons. A pair of ordinary tight clothes would probably do just as well but… it’s science and stuff ;)

Brooks Ghost 5
Brooks Ghost 5 running shoes… almost EOL for those.


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