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I’m a swedish swimmer and geek… hence the blog name 🙂 This is the page where I try to bring all the goodness I find, both as a IT professional and a user of training gadgets and equipment, all together.

If I’m swedish, why not write in swedish? Well… Since the IT community in Sweden isn’t all that big and all of us in that community use english on a daily basis it doesn’t really make sense to limit my reader-base to the swedish speaking world. Besides, my english feels almost as natural to me as my swedish, at least in writing.

I’ve been swimming since I was a little kid. I swam on a national top level back then and was also part of the Swedish national youth team for a while. Although I had a 15 year period were I swam little to nothing, now I have found my way back to training. I do open water as well as competition swimming. My wife also opened my eyes to the world of Triathlon. So that is what I’m trying to become. A triathlete… sounds good doesn’t it? 🙂

They joys of doing a triathlon!

My main events for the 2014 season are 2 half ironman races and 1 long distance swim (+21,5km). The main goal is just to survive the half ironman distance where the running part is my achilles heel. I aim to do the 21km run in less than 2hrs though. The long swim is a goal of mine… but since the conditions last year was pretty optimal and it could be completely different this year I can’t really set a time goal there. Top 3 would be good. But then again the are a lot of new swimmers doing that race this year and I only know a very few of them 🙂

Lately I have even looked at some swimrun races around where I live but my running has to improve a lot before I try that kind of race.

I work in IT. Primarily with Windows Server Technologies where I design, install and maintain solutions for a public service broadcast company. I also have some experience with VMWare and Unix/Linux builds and designs.

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Din berÀttelse frÄn strapatsen Vidösternsimmet Àr bra lÀsning!
Jag som tycker det heter Jonas och har startat en hemsida dÀr jag önskar samla bra race reports för att inspirera & motivera.

Jag undrar dÀrför om jag skulle kunna fÄ publicera din berÀttelse dÀr. Jag lÀnkar i anslutning till givetvis till swimgeek:)

Vad sÀger du?

Mvh Jonas Boström

Du fĂ„r jĂ€ttegĂ€rna lĂ€nka till den 🙂 Den Ă€r dĂ€r för att folk ska lĂ€sa den! 🙂

LÄter bra, för sÀkerhets skull vill jag ÀndÄ sÀkertstÀlla min idé att den Àven publiceras pÄ racereport.se. Det Àr sedan ocksÄ givetvis lÀnk till din sida (kika gÀrna pÄ sidan sÄ ser du upplÀgget).

Vad sÀger du?
VĂ€nligen Jonas

Ahh. Nu förstod jag vad du menar 🙂 Det Ă€r helt ok. Jag vill bara att det tydligt framgĂ„r att jag skrivit texten och har rĂ€ttigheterna till bilderna… och en lĂ€nk till orginaltexten och/eller swimgeek.molin.se.

Har nu lagt upp din race report. Hoppas du tycker det ser ok ut.
Hintar om den pÄ facebook.com/racereport1 ocksÄ.

Hoppas fler nu ocksÄ lÀser om dina prestationer pÄ din sida!

God jul och gott nytt Ă„r

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