Vidösternsimmet 2015 Trailer

I challenge everyone to a duel to the finish line in vidöstern next summer!

Windows Server Technologies

Blog software updated

I just updated the blog using the latest version of Project Nami which is a fork of WordPress 4.0 that uses a Microsoft SQL database instead of the usual MySQL that is otherwise required. It’s a project started by a Microsoft Partner so that they could optimize WordPress for the Microsoft Azure plattform.

Unlike other currents solutions that just interpret and rewrites the MySQL queries to MSSQL this project actually uses MSSQL queries natively which is great for both speed and usability. Now all the features of WordPress works as they are intended.

It was just as easy to install and configure as WordPress and most plugins work. The plugins have to use the normal API.s and not query the database directly though (which all plugins should do anyway).

One of the functions that didn’t work in the old version i used was the export and import functions. This means I had to manually export/import old data from the old wordpress site. The only thing i lost in the process was the 3! (Yes. Three!) comments I had on the site before 😉

Welcome to the new and improved SwimGeek blog!