Head Open Water Trophy

I’m back in training again after the cold from hell. Just taking it real easy this week and then I’ll try to get some more quality again next week even though there is a new business trip scheduled.

Head Open Water Trophy

Last year I was really interested in the Swedish swimming federations “Head Open Water trophy”. It’s a collection of open water races around Sweden and you get points when finishing or better in each one of the races. There are some prize money involved for those that collect the most points but only the top 4 races you finish counts. There are some rules that apply if two or more swimmers end up with the same number of points as well. On top of that all swimmers that finish at least 4 of the races win a trophy.

Last year was the first year of the trophy and I hadn’t practiced enough I thought. This year was going to be the year. Unfortunately all of the races but one I was planning on competing in is on dates that I have already booked for other competitions. Two of them are also on the weekend where I’m cheering my wife on as she takes on IronMan Kalmar.

Here is the schedule:
28/6 Runn Open Water, Falun 2500m
29/6 Jönköping Open Water 2800m
5/7 Vansbrosimningen 3000m
20/7 Sollefteå Älvsim 2500m
2/8 Göta Kanalsimmet, Lyrestad-Sjötorp 5000m
9/8 Kalmar Kanalsim 1800m
10/8 Elbasimningen, Västerås 3200m
16/8 Riddarfjärdssimningen, Stockholm 2400m
17/8 Göteborgssimmet 5000m/10000m

Compare this schedule to my Competition Schedule. IronMan Kalmar is on August

I did well in Göteborgsimmet 5000m last year but it seems I can’t compete this year. I would love to swim though. I will be swimming Vansbrosimningen at least. To bad it isn’t also the Swedish Open Waters Masters Championship this year. They moved that to Jönköping and that is the day after my participation in Vansbro Triathlon. Göteborgsimmet hasn’t announced the 10km race on their own webpage yet. Looks interesting… maybe next year.