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Another cold! and this one is hard to shake

Haven’t been able to practice for 2 weeks now. Got this cold last Saturday and I’m still coughing!

Couldn’t resist to swim for an hour this Wednesday but it was just in a slow and steady pace. Nothing heart racing at all. 2km in about an hour was just what I needed. Felt a lot better afterwards and the cold hasn’t gotten any worse either. I know you’re not supposed to until it’s out of you system but this is getting silly! I planked for 3 minutes today as well 😉

On another note (much much happier one! ) I have ordered the Polar V800! So looking forward to getting it. I will try and sell my old RCX5 with accessories when I do. The accessories are not compatible with the new watch anyway. Sometime in the middle or late April I’m supposed to get it. Nice to see if there is someway for it to talk to my new Sony Xperia Z2 that is about to arriving about the same time. 🙂

Training Gadgets

Equipment page is up!

Look up to the right!

I’ve just added an equipment page to the site. You find it to up there on the right next to the about me page.