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Welcome to the beginning!

So… my first post on this site… what should it contain? 🙂

Maybe something to entice you to come back… maybe something to stir up a shit storm… or maybe just something completely uninteresting.

I got WordPress 3.8.1 to run on IIS with MS SQL database today. That makes this site possible 🙂 I could tell you how… and I might. But just on request 😉

In other news I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of the Polar V800( heart rate monitor in April. It will bring me the features I miss in my current Polar RCX5 and break the enviousness I have when it comes to swim metrics compared to my wifes Garmin Forerunner 910XT ( that watch doesn’t have heart rate in water though which both RCX5 and V800 has) which has an accelerometer that show, among other things, strokes per length, frequency and automatic lap times.

Polar V800
Polar V800

It’s even good looking and brings a lot of other new features as well. It has a barometer built in which gives a lot more accurate altitude measurements as opposed to the gps measurements in the previous monitors.

It also moves from the old W.I.N.D sensors to the new Bluetooth Smart equivalent. While that makes is incompatible with old stuff it opens up the market to 3rd party sensors manufacturers which I think is really interesting.

The feature that was introduced in the Polar loop device will also be incorporated in this new watch. It will monitor you around the clock and tell you how well you recover from your training.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it!