Swam the olympic set from London 2012

Yesterday 3 of my swimming buddies and I set out to swim the full Olympic set from the London 2012 olympics. 12150 meters of all strokes (among others a total of 1150m butterfly). Relays, heats, semifinals and finals included. My butterfly is quite strong for about 50m and I can hold my technique for about 100m, after that… not so much :). So heats, semifinals and final in 200m butterfly is challenging to say the least… and that’s just ONE event.

Olympic Set Swim
Me right before day 7. The pain was about to seriously start… but I didn’t know it yet 🙂

We didn’t have any preset pace to swim in. Just try and hold a decent pace that was just over comfort pace to be able to finish the whole set. Day 7 and 8 was just… painful. My arms felt like spaghetti and my kick was pretty much all that gave me forward motion… at least that was what it felt like 🙂 I also had to see my self beaten with the butterfly those two days. 3x100m butterfly with only the kick to drive me forward was to much. So I had to do it one arm only and switched arms every 25 meters.

Olympics 2012 Swim Schedule
This is the whole schedule day for day.

Three of us did the full set! One of us dropped off after day 4. Another swam the whole set freestyle and of course one can say I failed since i didn’t swim the last 3 100m of correct butterfly. It still feels like I made it though 🙂