Practice schedule

So… I didn’t do the 1hr crosstrainer yesterday. I wasn’t feeling a 100% and also my new wheels for my bike was delivered. Had some assembling to do! I’ll create a page with my equipment and gadgets later this week. Will have to take some pictures first 🙂

The wheels I got was a set of Shimano RS11 clinchers to be used for training. I save my set of Zipp Firecrest 404 tubular for competition.

This is how my training schedule looks right now on a week where I manage to do a full schedule:

Weekday Practice 1 Practice 2
Monday Running 5-6km
Tuesday Strength (Core) 1hr Swimming 1,5hrs
Wednesday Running 8km
Thursday Cycling (trainer) 1-1,5hrs
Friday Swimming 1hr Strength (Core) 1hr
Saturday Running 10-12km
Sunday Swimming 2hrs Cycling (trainer) 1-1,5hrs

A total of about 13hrs. Most weeks I do about 8-10hrs. Some weeks less and some I get the full weeks worth. I rest when I feel the need to. Try to listen to my body. I still have problems with my shins now and then and when I do I switch from running to crosstrainer. I also do warmup and cooldown on the crosstrainer before and after running sessions.