Competition Schedule Summer 2014

Ok. So what’s all this training in the last post for? Well… I have a lot of competitions planned for this summer. This is the preliminary schedule for my summer activities:

Date Discipline Race
24 May Cycling Västkusten Runt 130km
14 June Cycling Vätternrundan 300km
28 June Triathlon Vansbro Triathlon 113km (HIM)
4 July Swimming Vansbro halvsim 1,5km
5 July Swimming Vansbrosimmet 3km
13 July Swimming Stockholm Royal Park Swim 5km
2 August Triathlon Horla Triathlon 35km
9 August Swimming Vidösternsimmet +21,5km
30 August Triathlon Tjörn Triathlon 113km (HIM)

I was hoping to do even more open water races but it seems my and my wifes schedules won’t allow that, but it isn’t even official yet which races will be included in the Head Open Water Trophy this year. As I mentioned it’s only a preliminary schedule subject to change.

This is gonna be a fun summer! 😉