Business trips and training

Ok. The last couple of weeks hasn’t been optimal when it comes to my training. First I had a sore throat, then I managed to get a good weeks training… and then came the cold. Gave myself a good 7 days to recover completely from that. Again managed to get a pretty good week (mostly because that was the week I did the olympic swim though).

Last week I was on a business trip. Worked late one day. Took the time to see an old friend the other day. Got a good swim the third day. My train back home was then 1,5hrs late and I just needed a good nights sleep when I got back.

This (except from the sickness) could all be interpreted like good or bad excuses not to practice. But the thing is… I like to practice. I want to practice. There aren’t any good angel and bad devil on my shoulders trying to get me to do or not to stuff. Sometimes shit just happens…

It always feels really good when you get back into your own routine after a patch of misery like this though! 🙂