Business trips and training

Ok. The last couple of weeks hasn’t been optimal when it comes to my training. First I had a sore throat, then I managed to get a good weeks training… and then came the cold. Gave myself a good 7 days to recover completely from that. Again managed to get a pretty good week (mostly because that was the week I did the olympic swim though).

Last week I was on a business trip. Worked late one day. Took the time to see an old friend the other day. Got a good swim the third day. My train back home was then 1,5hrs late and I just needed a good nights sleep when I got back.

This (except from the sickness) could all be interpreted like good or bad excuses not to practice. But the thing is… I like to practice. I want to practice. There aren’t any good angel and bad devil on my shoulders trying to get me to do or not to stuff. Sometimes shit just happens…

It always feels really good when you get back into your own routine after a patch of misery like this though! 🙂


Swam the olympic set from London 2012

Yesterday 3 of my swimming buddies and I set out to swim the full Olympic set from the London 2012 olympics. 12150 meters of all strokes (among others a total of 1150m butterfly). Relays, heats, semifinals and finals included. My butterfly is quite strong for about 50m and I can hold my technique for about 100m, after that… not so much :). So heats, semifinals and final in 200m butterfly is challenging to say the least… and that’s just ONE event.

Olympic Set Swim
Me right before day 7. The pain was about to seriously start… but I didn’t know it yet 🙂

We didn’t have any preset pace to swim in. Just try and hold a decent pace that was just over comfort pace to be able to finish the whole set. Day 7 and 8 was just… painful. My arms felt like spaghetti and my kick was pretty much all that gave me forward motion… at least that was what it felt like 🙂 I also had to see my self beaten with the butterfly those two days. 3x100m butterfly with only the kick to drive me forward was to much. So I had to do it one arm only and switched arms every 25 meters.

Olympics 2012 Swim Schedule
This is the whole schedule day for day.

Three of us did the full set! One of us dropped off after day 4. Another swam the whole set freestyle and of course one can say I failed since i didn’t swim the last 3 100m of correct butterfly. It still feels like I made it though 🙂


Competition Schedule Summer 2014

Ok. So what’s all this training in the last post for? Well… I have a lot of competitions planned for this summer. This is the preliminary schedule for my summer activities:

Date Discipline Race
24 May Cycling Västkusten Runt 130km
14 June Cycling Vätternrundan 300km
28 June Triathlon Vansbro Triathlon 113km (HIM)
4 July Swimming Vansbro halvsim 1,5km
5 July Swimming Vansbrosimmet 3km
13 July Swimming Stockholm Royal Park Swim 5km
2 August Triathlon Horla Triathlon 35km
9 August Swimming Vidösternsimmet +21,5km
30 August Triathlon Tjörn Triathlon 113km (HIM)

I was hoping to do even more open water races but it seems my and my wifes schedules won’t allow that, but it isn’t even official yet which races will be included in the Head Open Water Trophy this year. As I mentioned it’s only a preliminary schedule subject to change.

This is gonna be a fun summer! 😉


Practice schedule

So… I didn’t do the 1hr crosstrainer yesterday. I wasn’t feeling a 100% and also my new wheels for my bike was delivered. Had some assembling to do! I’ll create a page with my equipment and gadgets later this week. Will have to take some pictures first 🙂

The wheels I got was a set of Shimano RS11 clinchers to be used for training. I save my set of Zipp Firecrest 404 tubular for competition.

This is how my training schedule looks right now on a week where I manage to do a full schedule:

Weekday Practice 1 Practice 2
Monday Running 5-6km
Tuesday Strength (Core) 1hr Swimming 1,5hrs
Wednesday Running 8km
Thursday Cycling (trainer) 1-1,5hrs
Friday Swimming 1hr Strength (Core) 1hr
Saturday Running 10-12km
Sunday Swimming 2hrs Cycling (trainer) 1-1,5hrs

A total of about 13hrs. Most weeks I do about 8-10hrs. Some weeks less and some I get the full weeks worth. I rest when I feel the need to. Try to listen to my body. I still have problems with my shins now and then and when I do I switch from running to crosstrainer. I also do warmup and cooldown on the crosstrainer before and after running sessions.


Damn this cold!

Can’t seem to shake this cold I have at the moment. First I had a sore throat for a couple of days and when my throat was OK after about 4 days I started training again. Now I see that it was to early for that. After about a week it got worse again and now I’ve been out of practice for another week.

It has been getting better and better though so this weekend I played soccer with the kids for 1hr-1,5hrs. Today I feel worse again!!! Can’t believe it. I just want to get well so I can train again.

I might be really stupid but I will do a 1hr crosstrainer session on really low intensity this evening just to see how my body reacts. This just sitting around waiting for it to go away doesn’t seem to work.

Training Gadgets Windows Server Technologies

Welcome to the beginning!

So… my first post on this site… what should it contain? 🙂

Maybe something to entice you to come back… maybe something to stir up a shit storm… or maybe just something completely uninteresting.

I got WordPress 3.8.1 to run on IIS with MS SQL database today. That makes this site possible 🙂 I could tell you how… and I might. But just on request 😉

In other news I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of the Polar V800( heart rate monitor in April. It will bring me the features I miss in my current Polar RCX5 and break the enviousness I have when it comes to swim metrics compared to my wifes Garmin Forerunner 910XT ( that watch doesn’t have heart rate in water though which both RCX5 and V800 has) which has an accelerometer that show, among other things, strokes per length, frequency and automatic lap times.

Polar V800
Polar V800

It’s even good looking and brings a lot of other new features as well. It has a barometer built in which gives a lot more accurate altitude measurements as opposed to the gps measurements in the previous monitors.

It also moves from the old W.I.N.D sensors to the new Bluetooth Smart equivalent. While that makes is incompatible with old stuff it opens up the market to 3rd party sensors manufacturers which I think is really interesting.

The feature that was introduced in the Polar loop device will also be incorporated in this new watch. It will monitor you around the clock and tell you how well you recover from your training.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it!